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Your Breckenridge Vacation Home could be the healthiest place to live!

Summit County is one of five Colorado counties with the country’s highest life expectancy. I just had a client last year that was told by his doctor to move here because the air was helping him fell better and to recover faster.

Summit county, websites are packed with pictures of people hiking, skiing and biking — stuff we tend to do more than people in other places. We’re home to two national forests, seven national wilderness areas and countless hiking and biking trails.

“There’s no question that high rates of physical activity (are) a common theme throughout Colorado counties that also have high life expectancy,” said Dr. Ali Mokdad, a professor of global health at IHME.

It also helps to have clean air, clean water and access to good recreational opportunities.

Lots of things contribute to longevity, and all kinds of ideas are floating around, some more realistic than others.

Some studies consider the effects of longevity at higher altitude, but there’s no conclusive data that there’s a correlation researchers say.

Mostly it’s healthy living.

Staying active helps you live longer. So does nutrition and getting together with friends.

Have you ever skied with our seniors? I can barely keep up.

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