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Are you considering selling a house in Breckenridge? Selling a house in Breckenridge, a resort town, can be a very different process than other areas and will bring its own set of intricacies. The Breckenridge real estate market is unique, diverse and requires the experience of full time Breckenridge based realtor that understands the ins and outs of buying and selling in resort towns.

The Moen Team is just that. With 25 years of experience buying and selling houses in Breckenridge and all of Summit County, Roger and Teresa Moen have extensive experience with the Breckenridge real estate market and as selling agents in Summit County. They will walk with you through the process of selling your home and make the transaction stress free and seamless.

Get the Best Selling Price

Setting the sale price is a crucial part of selling a home. If you set it too high, you risk turning off potential buyers, will give the wrong first impression and waste valuable time. If you set it too low, you leave money on the table. Your professional realtors in Breckenridge can help you find the right balance when setting the sale price of your home so you can get the most from your real estate investment.

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Marketing is a necessary tool when selling a house or condo in Breckenridge. Professional photos that feature the best of your home, a reputable and user-friendly platform to display your listing, an extensive database of potential buyers that we reach out to regularly through social media, e-newsletters and more are just a few of the things that the Moen Team can offer as your seller’s agent.

Given the complexity of the Summit County Real Estate Market, having an experienced team of realtors working on your behalf is absolutely essential. You need a professional seller’s agent who can advise you on winning strategies to prepare your home before it goes on the market and guide you during the process. The Moen Team has proven marketing strategies to showcase your Breckenridge home and attract qualified buyers. They also possess the negotiation skills required to get you the best price and terms for your home. The Moen Team generates successful results for their clients and can do the same for you.

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