Ski in/Ski out Homes

Looking for a ski house or condo for sale in Breckenridge Colorado?

Chances are that if you are looking for a ski condo or ski house in Breckenridge, you are buying it as a second home or investment property. It’s important to understand the ski condo real estate market in Breckenridge and what the terms mean. For example, the phrase “ski in ski out” property: what does it actually mean? It actually has a couple of different meanings in our local real estate market.

A ski in ski out condo means you can actually ski out the front door of your home or condo complex and you can ski directly back in to your property, hence the phrase ski-in/ski-out!

A “ski out” property is different than the more desirable ski in ski out property; “ski out” simply means you might have to shuttle or walk to the slopes but coming down the hill you can ski back into your property. You can probably guess that having a property that is listed as ski in ski out would be a bit more desirable than just “ski out” and would affect your property’s value as well.

Ski in ski out has the most value

Ski in ski out is an important term when shopping for an investment property in Breckenridge, Colorado, and the Summit County, Colorado, areas, especially if you’re thinking about resale.

If you are putting your own ski house or ski condo on the rental market in the Breckenridge, Colorado, and the Summit County, Colorado, areas, ski in ski out condos w

ill net you the most income. Most people would prefer to stay in a ski in ski out condo where you can ski out your back door and never have to get your family and all their skies and equipment into the car and then actually have to drive to the slopes. A ski in ski out property is a true convenience and luxury!

Consider the resale value of a ski in ski out condo

For resale, the ski in ski out condos in Breck cost more initially because ski in ski out properties are slope-side but again, ski in ski out properties create the most revenue since Breckenridge, Colorado is a ski resort market and ski in ski out is undeniably what is the most popular.

In town, ski in ski out is actually the largest segment of our market. Whether you are looking to buy a ski in ski out house or condo, or whether you are looking to rent, or even sell your existing ski in ski out property, we’ve been dealing with the buying, selling and rental of ski in ski out properties for quite a while and can field any questions and concerns you might have.

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