Which Properties to Invest In?

Investment Property can work so many different ways for you. The key is to know what your needs are and the real estate market of course. Many people don’t take into account how they can enjoy their investment rental property. Life is short so Roger and I like to invest in real estate that we can use and enjoy. It is way more fun than the stock market! You can’t ski down the market!
Most people are excited about the prospect of investment property but nervous due to lack of knowledge about your options. I typically get two kinds of buyers here in Breckenridge. The first is strictly a numbers person and the numbers have to work in order for them to move forward which makes perfect sense. The other type of investment property buyer is weighing the needs of their family and friends. Investment property in Breckenridge can be both.
Breckenridge is a very emotional place and that is a big consideration when making a purchase for most people. An important factor is that it is a town with a tax base, schools, etc so it can render you return all year on a rental program. If you are in a pure ski resort they do not have provisions such as grocery stores, or as many off season activities. I am biased of course because we love Breckenridge. My goal was to live in a small town where I would know my neighbors and I could walk down Main Street and say hi to shop owners and neighbors. Also, for investment properties the more things you have to draw people in to come and stay in your rental property the higher the occupancy rate.

Other options coming in part 2 of Investment Properties

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