What’s happening today, you ask?

Well, there is still real estate to be bought. Slim pickings? Yes! But, don’t lose hope. The last few real estate transactions I have made are because I have gotten on the phone and called home owners, or written letters stating “I have a buyer for your home and they are willing to pay fair market value, if you are interested in selling your home!” So here is why this is good for all. You, as a Buyer of your investment property in Breckenridge or your second family mountain home don’t have to get into a bidding war and overpay for a property in Breckenridge. It is great for the Sellers as they don’t have to have people in their home all the time, especially with COVID-19 and worry about keeping it clean etc. It has worked quite well. One way to do this is make yourself familiar with the area and know what subdivision you are interested in or what complex you like. Then, you call me, your trusty realtor and I will write the letter for you. You would want to have your loan application made and your lender ready with a letter of pre-qualification (or better yet pre-approval) and bam! You are the first person in the door. Times they are a changing so we have to get creative. That is where my 25 years come in handy. Just say’in….
Next blog let’s talk about the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification for a loan.

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