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Breckenridge Real Estate Market in 2016 – Low Inventory, High Demand

breck-real-estate-market-2016We have started the new year running! With the market in continuous recovery we couldn’t be happier or busier. The Breckenridge real estate inventory is at an 8 year low!! I believe all of those sellers have been holding off the sale of their property because the market hadn’t fully recovered. I know that is what I was telling my sellers. I think there is some pent up real estate inventory that we are going to see this coming spring.  There is definitely demand. Demand for credit is on the rise also. With consumer debt service ratios the lowest they have been for more than two decades, more people are eligible to qualify for a mortgage. Call me and I will give you the scoop. Maybe you can own your dream home in the mountains sooner than you think!

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