Sellers prepare to sell!

Now we enter in to the time of year when spring break is over, the skiers have gone home, and town is quiet. All the home owners have received their revenue from the winter season or have finished up a winter with their families. We have been telling you that our inventory is low and now we are seeing new listings come on the market everyday. If you are getting ready to list your home, it is a good idea to talk with your realtor, Roger and Teresa Moen (of course) prior to that time. We can give you knowledgable tips on how to prepare your home to sell. Sometimes it is a matter of a paint color, the staging of furniture or removing some personal items. It doesn’t always need to be costly. These things sound small but some people have vision for their own colors and furniture and others do not. I remember when my mom sold her home she felt that the wood paneling was a huge selling feature but she didn’t realize that in the 70’s it was. She was unaware of what a buyer was looking for today.
Another good idea is to have a home inspector come to your home and he will write up a report on what needs repairing. Many times sellers are unaware. This helps you in two ways. You will not be blindsided by some major repair such as a roof issue for example and you have the option to remedy whatever your home needs. This also shows the potential buyers that you were a responsible homeowner and they feel more comfortable in their purchase. It also helps you, the seller to substantiate your asking price.
So, I have more, call me let’s talk!!

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