Sell Your Home in Breckenridge

Sell My home in Breckenridge CO

Are you considering selling your home in Breckenridge? We can help with that. The Moen Team has been buying and selling since 1997 and has extensive knowledge of our unique real estate market. If you are thinking about selling your home in Breckenridge, there are a few things you should consider.

1. What is My Home Worth?

I’m sure the first question you will ask is what is my home in Breckenridge worth. That’s an important question that will require a home valuation by a professional realtor, such as Roger and Teresa Moen. Your realtor will preview your home, research recent comparable sales in your area and advise you on a listing price. Sell Your House in Breckenridge CO Keep in mind that a professional sellers agent will not inflate the price of your home, to earn the ability to sell your house. If your house is not listed with a competitive listing price, it will be slow to sell and this helps no one.

2. Do I Need to Do Any Upgrades Before Selling My Home?

This is also an important question. Your realtor can advise you of any updates to the house that will yield a good return when you sell your home. Often, simple upgrades like painting or a minor luxury will make a big difference in the listing price or target market.

3. Presentation.

Think about the first impression your home will give. What does it look like when you drive up, also called ‘curb appeal’? If possible, brush up on the landscaping, paint the front door and make sure the walkways are shoveled and driveway plowed. Sellers agent in breckenridge coIt’s important the first impression of your house is very positive. Many potential home buyers have made a decision about a house long before they even walk through the door.

4. Timing.

While the Breckenridge real estate market is doing really well, when it comes to selling your Breckenridge home, timing is still very important. For example, many believe that the holidays are not the time to sell your home. But with triple the amount of people in town, wouldn’t that earn you the most exposure? We believe that the timing will not influence whether or not you sell your home, but who will likely be most interested in your home, and how we market it. We adjust the target market according to the season. For example, during the winter, you are likely to have home buyers that are interested in skiing or are retired. During the spring, you are more likely to see golfers or outdoor enthusiasts.

We do understand that showings and keeping the house at tip-top shape all the time can be an interruption to your holiday celebrations. To help with that, we can set “black out dates” so your family can enjoy the holidays, with only minor interruptions.

There are many factors to consider when selling your home, so its important to enlist the skills of a quality realtor as your selling agent. Give us a call today to discuss selling your house in Breckenridge.

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