Rentals in Summit County are still allowed!

There seem to be many rumors that you cannot rent your home in Breckenridge anymore. I know it is confusing but I hope to clear up some misconceptions. One thing my investor clients, who rent their properties, are doing is renting their property for a 30-day minimum. You do not need a short term permit for this and this allows you enough time to block out dates for family and friends usage. Also, there are the resort areas, the neighborhoods and outlying areas that have different rules. Currently, if you are doing a 1031 exchange and the current owner you are buying from has a short term permit, that permit transfers with the property. You can still get a permit for short term rental, but for awhile you will be put on a waiting list. The town is trying to limit the numbers of permit to 2,200. Breckenridge had the most permits issued in the state of Colorado.

There is a lot to know so please call us or visit the town of Breckenridge website for more info.

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