Post-Covid Behavior

Hi Everybody,
So you are probably wondering what Breckenridge post covid behavior is looking like? We are still quite busy and now that the Colorado mandate has opened up many restrictions in regards to masks etc., we are almost back to normal. That being said, many people here, like everywhere else, are choosing to still wear masks. Breckenridge Main Street is back open to vehicle traffic, a couple of the restaurants have kept their outside dining pods up but slowly I am seeing them being replaced by our normal (don’t you love that word) outdoor tables getting ready for a fun summer in Breckenridge. Breckenridge staying safe is a huge concern to the town. We survive on tourism and second home owners! There are still businesses that require masks. I always wear one in City Market, but that’s just me. Breckenridge summer is going to be extra fun as everybody is ready to breathe in that fresh mountain air, exhale and enjoy. Breckenridge activities are a go and I will keep you posted as I know more and we move in to the Breckenridge post-covid summer. Wahoo!

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