Multiple offers, part 2

So, last I blogged about multiple offers so here are a few more thoughts:

Money is not always the highest priority. I know it sounds strange but many times if you are negotiating a property and have competing offers one strategy is to find out what is of value to the seller. Here are a few things that could be offered to make your offer more desirable.
  • You can offer to let the current owners stay in the property until the end of the whatever season they are enjoying.
  • You can offer to let them keep that Christmas vacation they were planning to spend at their mountain place with the family
  • You can offer to pay for the closing cost from the title company.
  • Perhaps they are an older couple, you can offer to pay for the moving truck to help them move
  • You can waive any rights to objection on inspection items that might come up
  • You can extend closing date to the end of the ski season for example which allows the current seller to retain all of the rental income until closing.
These are just a few ideas.
It isn’t always about a lot of money but it is an act of good will that might just get you that property
How do you know what is more valuable? You just ask! It is that simple.

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