May is “mud month” in Breckenridge – best time to buy property!

Buy this mud season

OK so that sounds strange right? We are in between seasons right now. The skiers have gone home and the summer tourist are not here yet. This means it is easy to get in to see properties because most of them are not rented. You are also getting in before the prices go up in summer as they do every eyar. Typically the owners of these new listings are planning on these summer prices and price their homes and condos accordingly.

Also, don’t forget Breckenridge has wonderful activities to offer in the summer. We are not just a winter destination anymore. Go to www.gobreck.com and find out all the fun things to do and plan your summer vacation. Of course while you are in Breckenridge stop by and say hi and have some coffee with us and we can talk about the Breckenridge market and investments you might be considering.

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