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How to prepare your second home in Breckenridge for that winter sale

Winter Second Home in Breckenridge
If you are thinking about putting your second home in Breckenridge on the market during winter, here are a couple of ideas to help make a quicker sale. This will make your property safer for potential buyers that come to preview your property.

We are a ski resort, so lots of snow. Your second home needs to be safe to show which means you need to pay the extra money and have the decks and stairs shoveled. One reason is liability: if someone falls on slippery stairs or walkways there is huge potential for injury and lawsuits. Or if you have a metal roof, you don’t want the snow to come slamming off of that roof right onto your front deck or someone’s head for that matter. Plus, they probably won’t be keen on buying your home!

Winter Second Home in BreckenridgeThe second reason is that buyers need to be able to see what they are buying. If the back deck for example backs up to the beautiful Breckenridge forest, but the snow level is four feet high for lack of shoveling, the only option is for a buyer to stand at the window and look out. Think about it: if you were buying a house what a difference it would make if you are coming from the city let’s say and you walk outside on your deck and smell the fresh air, see a gorgeous forest and hear the squirrels and birds. We want them to experience the Breckenridge we know and love.

Thirdly, this makes the house feel well cared for. If it is covered in snow, it can look neglected. This can make a buyer nervous about lack of care.

As most of you know you need to keep your home heated during the winter to prevent your pipes from freezing. If a buyer walks into a cold home, that sets the tone. You want your second home in Breckenridge to say “come in this cozy cabin and get warm and relax after a day of playing in the snow”.

If you live close enough or have friends here in Summit County, air out the home every once in awhile. It is easy for a second home to get that stuffy musty odor from being locked up all winter if no one is using it.

These are all small things but make a big difference in how quickly your second home will sell. We want your home to be the one people remember fondly and warmly.

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