Holidays in Breckenridge!!


Happy holidays everybody. I am often asked what goes on in the real estate market during the holidays and if I still sell a lot of mountain homes and investment condos etc. The answer is yes!

It is a really good idea if you are thinking of coming to visit and looking at homes to plan ahead. Many of the condos and homes that may be for sale and are on the market can be rented. This is our busiest season. Getting in to see properties is easier during the week also. If you do buy an investment condo or home many times the properties are on rental contracts so the purchase comes with those rentals in place and legally have to “survive the closing”. Good news for you as a buyer is that the rental money goes to you as of the closing date. It is a great way to pick up extra money to help finance your new vacation or second home. Call me to discuss more in the mean time be safe and enjoy all this great snow!

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