Good News In Beaver Run

Happy Friday!

Here’s another little green shoot – some good news from the Beaver Run condo complex (the biggest condo complex in Breckenridge):

  • We charted all six sales of studio and 1-bedroom units in 2009, and the price-per-square-foot has stabilized! (See the magenta line). In fact, there’s a very slight uptrend (yellow line).

For Beaver Run studio and 1-bedroom condos:

  • The peak selling prices occurred May-Sept 2008, and averaged $703 per sq ft
  • Selling prices in 2009 are roughly flat, at around $570 per sq ft
  • That’s a drop of around 19% from the peak – but based on the last six sales, prices aren’t falling anymore
  • Sales of these condos simply stopped for over 5 months. After a sale on 9/26/2008, the next sale of a Beaver Run studio or 1-bedroom condo wasn’t until 3/3/09 – that was kind of scary, but it’s behind us now.

Compare this to our recent posting, “
Are Breckenridge Condo Prices Headed Up?

Have we reached the bottom? Indications are, that for Beaver Run studio and 1-bedroom condos, we have!

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