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Fresh Snowfall In My Back Yard

It’s here!

Winter, that is. Sunday morning, 10/25/09, and Boomer the dog is gazing at 4 inches of new snow that fell overnight at our house!

We’re south of Breckenridge at 10,700 feet and usually get plenty of snow. The stars are bright and the air is so clear. Check out our snowy YouTube videos:

  • Snow in August — August 17, 2008, and we get a few inches of snow! It melts right away.
  • Thanksgiving Snowstorm — November 30. 2008, Roger deal with over a foot of fresh new snow
  • Snowy Camper Driveway — March 18, 2008, Roger pulls our tent-trailer camper out of the driveway’s 8 foot high snow banks

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