Five Hundred Inches of Snow

Hello, everybody,

Here in Breckenridge we are recovering from 500 inches of snow! Several of the local ski areas have passed that mark. It has been a long winter but great skiing. All the skiers are talking about how many days they have in this year. As we prepare ourselves for spring and warm weather we are also getting ready for the selling season. Approximately 70% of our business happens in the summer. I believe it is because people that come here for the winter skiing don’t want to spend their time looking at real estate so they often come back during the summer. Also, many people have their property on rental programs and want to get those high dollar rentals. So this is the time we are building our inventory of property for you to see. We have about five listings that are ready to be put on the MLS from folks that have been waiting for the summer season to come. We are excited as people are feeling more confident in the economy and the lenders are offering great deals.

Come visit us and remember that in Breckenridge, “Our everyday is everybody’s dream!


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