Christmas in Breckenridge 2019

My favorite events for Christmas in Breckenridge? That’s my favorite subject! Way back in 1997, we (Roger and Teresa) moved to Breckenridge from a big city. We had no idea what Christmas would be like in Breckenridge. Now I can’t imagine being anywhere else. We have both commented over the years that it is like living in a snow globe out of a storybook. The town is covered in snow and everybody is happy to be here, whether you are on vacation or you are lucky enough to live here. Everyone is just grateful to be here.

Here are some of our personal favorites events during the Christmas season in Breckenridge.

The Atmosphere

For the entire season, the town really goes all out. Every storefront is decorated. There are Christmas lights everywhere. It’s just beautiful. We love just driving down Main Street and looking at the storefronts. Be sure to make this a priority and visit the town at night, so you can get the full effect.

Christmas in Breckenridge 2019

The Lighting of Breckenridge

The first week of December, the whole town gets decked out with Holiday decor. On December 7th, 2019, the town puts on an event called the Lighting of Breckenridge. During this event, there is a Holiday Dog Parade, a market, caroling, and the lighting of the Christmas tree in the town square. Another must-see.

Running of the Santas

The Running of the Santas is another personal favorite Breckenridge Christmas Event. It is hilarious! 100’s of Santas race down Main Street, all in costume of course. It isn’t something you see very often. There are various renditions of costumes, a huge contingent of Bernese Mountain dogs, babies, sleds and more. At the end, the Firehouse serves free hot chocolate and cookies.

2019 Christmas events Breckenridge

Christmas Eve Church Services

On Christmas Eve and Christmas day, another great event is to attend a church of your choice. All the churches have multiple services so that there is room for all. Click here for a list of all the Christmas Eve services.

Sleigh Rides

One last one very fun event to do in Breckenridge at Christmas time is to go on a sleigh ride! The horse drawn carriage, the sleigh with bells ringing, it’s fun for the whole family. They hand out blankets to keep warm during the ride. You may also choose to have a dinner in a wonderful cabin and sing and be entertained until the ride home. This is a hugely popular event, so do call first and make reservations in advance.

So if this sounds like a Hallmark movie that is because if feels exactly like that. Unreal!! You will never want to spend Christmas anywhere else. Bring the family and enjoy all the Christmas events in Breckenridge.

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