Breckenridge is a Year Around Destination

It is true. Many years ago I may not have said that with such vigor, but things as always are changing. Now, even more than ever, as we all know. We still have lots to do in the shoulder seasons. For one thing, you can often get “two for ones” at local restaurants. There are many sales at the local stores and merchants are selling off summer items from clothes to summer sports equipment at great prices. There is always the fall color drives that bring in lots of people. This is better known as “Leaf peeping.” The Aspens are brilliant. Try taking the Boreas Pass all the way to Como. It is an easy drive and gorgeous. For us, Roger and Teresa Moen, it is one of our favorites when we can break away from selling real estate! Also, another reason to come off season is less traffic but also the lodging prices go down considerably. I could go on but you get the picture. Breckenridge is a great year round destination for the whole family!

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