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  • Recovery for Higher End Breckenridge Homes

    Hello again,

    More signs of life in the real estate market in Breckenridge, Colorado!
    Little green shoots of market activity.

    This time our focus is higher end homes
    : homes between $1 million and $2.5 million. (Earlier, we examined condos under $300,000 and saw a strong recovery)

    Check out the chart below, and you’ll see that the data is pointing towards a recovery in this sector:
    1. The number of month’s supply is trending down – that’s the number of active listings, divided by the number of sales in a recent period.
    2. The yellow line, “Month Supply (short)” is based on short-term market activity: the number of current active listings vs the number of sales in the past 3 months.
    3. The blue line, “Month Supply (medium)” is based on current actives vs sales in the past 6 months, and the magenta line, “Month Supply (long)” is based on current actives vs sales in the past 12 months.
    4. In a steadily improving market, the short-term yellow line is the lowest, and the long-term magenta line is the highest – and all three lines are trending down. That’s exactly what we see below! An improving market for higher end homes in Breckenridge.

    Check back from time to time, for additional market statistics and observations for beautiful Breckenridge, CO, where
    “It’s a great time to be a buyer!”

  • Fall Color in Breckenridge

    Hello from beautiful Breckenridge!

    We thought you’d enjoy a couple of recent photos of our wonderful area:

    9/12/2009: Mount Quandary, with the beginnings of some fall color. 5 miles south of downtown Breckenridge. Our fall color usually peaks around September 20th to 25th (varies yearly).

    9/13/2009: Mount Quandary with a little dusting of snow! Winter, and all that great skiing, is just around the corner.

    So, when are you coming to beautiful Breckenridge Colorado?

  • Good News In Beaver Run

    Happy Friday!

    Here’s another little green shoot – some good news from the Beaver Run condo complex (the biggest condo complex in Breckenridge):

    • We charted all six sales of studio and 1-bedroom units in 2009, and the price-per-square-foot has stabilized! (See the magenta line). In fact, there’s a very slight uptrend (yellow line).

    For Beaver Run studio and 1-bedroom condos:

    • The peak selling prices occurred May-Sept 2008, and averaged $703 per sq ft
    • Selling prices in 2009 are roughly flat, at around $570 per sq ft
    • That’s a drop of around 19% from the peak – but based on the last six sales, prices aren’t falling anymore
    • Sales of these condos simply stopped for over 5 months. After a sale on 9/26/2008, the next sale of a Beaver Run studio or 1-bedroom condo wasn’t until 3/3/09 – that was kind of scary, but it’s behind us now.

    Compare this to our recent posting, “
    Are Breckenridge Condo Prices Headed Up?

    Have we reached the bottom? Indications are, that for Beaver Run studio and 1-bedroom condos, we have!

    Contact us today to get your little piece of the best place on earth.



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