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Best Neighborhoods to Buy a Vacation Rental in Breckenridge

Best Neighborhoods in Breckenridge

The best neighborhood to buy a vacation rental in Breckenridge is subjective. It depends on your priorities for the vacation rental.

You have heard location, location, location, in real estate? This applies when buying a vacation rental because there are various ways to use your rental property in Breckenridge. I typically see two kinds of people that buy vacation rentals. One is the “numbers person” where return on investment is priority. The second type of buyer is looking for the family cabin or home in Breckenridge that will appeal to their idea of a cabin in the woods. If, for example, you want to rent it out and the return on investment is the most important factor then you would want to purchase in town, close to the slopes. Ski-in ski-out is the ideal in this scenario. Potential vacation renters will want to walk to town, shop, and be close to the restaurants. They will want to get off the ski lift and to their home away from home as quick as possible. In-town properties offer excitement to skiers everywhere, lots of activities and fun to be had. If you are outside of town, for example in Blue River, which is an unincorporated bedroom community of Breckenridge, you will have a different experience. This area is more rural and tends to appeal to those that want a purchase an rental property but prefer the idea of really feeling like they are in the woods and to be able to hike or cross country ski and enjoy nature. When searching for a vacation investment property in Breckenridge, the further from town you are, typically the less amount of rentals you will get. So, again, here is the decision for most families.

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There are a couple of other areas worth mentioning. If you want to buy a luxury vacation home in Breckenridge, the Highlands is another option. There are many different areas but most people think of this area as the gold course community. It is strictly regulated so that all the homes stay luxury homes. The Highlands are located just north of downtown Breckenridge. So golf a round, stop at the club for a drink or meal and walk back home. In the winter this area has a groomed course for cross country skiing.

If you are undecided or just want to know more about the neighborhoods in Breck that are best for vacation rentals, my clients find it helpful to come up for the day. We can tour the Breckenridge neighborhoods and look at the different areas that are options for you. Many times people have been coming here for years but are unaware of so many of the subdivisions and what their choices really are. There is so much to Breckenridge; let us share our gorgeous town with you.

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