Awaken your 6th sense: Breckenridge’s expansion of Peak 6

Breckenridge Peak 6 ExpansionVail Resorts’s Peak 6 expansion is underway as the largest ski resort expansion in more than a decade. By opening up Peak 6, Breckenridge Ski Resort will add 543 new acres, a whopping 23% increase in rideable terrain!

Locals have been hiking up Peak 6 for years. Well now it’s going to be a bit easier, with 2 new chair lifts! The expansion will add to the ski map intermediate terrain, high alpine bowls and new hiking access terrain. At the moment, construction is underway and Peak 6 plans to open sometime this season.

Breckenridge Peak 6 ExpansionMaybe you’ve seen the helicopters buzzing around this summer. Almost every day, helicopters have been lugging in materials to build the new chairlifts. One of Breckenridge’s main goals was to minimize the impact of the expansion on the natural environment of Peak 6. No new roads were built because of this construction! While it is necessary to clear some land, legacy trees were preserved and the transition into treeline was gradual, maintaining the natural beauty of this area. In land that did need to be cleared, stumps and root systems were preserved to discourage erosion.

Here in Breck, we love our mountains. No matter how long I live here, I never tire of seeing the jagged skyline. I, for one, am excited to explore Peak 6.

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