Are you hesitant about paying high HOA dues for your Breckenridge purchase?

Do those dues make your return on investment less desirable?

Here are some things to think about:

If you have an investment property in Breckenridge that you do short term rentals with, the amenities that come with a property will often raise your rental revenue because they are more desirable to renters. After your guests finishes a day of skiing they really look forward to that nice warm hot tub, or they don’t want to drive and want to be taken by resort shuttle to town for dinner etc.


Another thing to consider is, if you purchase a property that has less amenities but perhaps the dues include heat. As you can imagine those heating bills can be quite high in the mountains during winter. Typically renters do not care about reducing your heating bill.


There will always be the guests that prefer a more quiet experience and don’t want a huge resort yet still be close to town to walk to dinner. Many times that would lessen those high HOA dues to have a smaller condo complex.


There are many factors to consider and that is where we come in. We can help navigate what type of property fits your needs.

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