Alpine Breckenridge Market Overview 5/25/11

Hello, neighbors! (We live here in the Alpine Breckenridge subdivision, full time).

Here’s the local real estate market update, with home sales statistics for our Alpine Breckenridge subdivision, in Breckenridge, Colorado! Yes, it’s still a strong buyer’s market in Breckenridge, and our subdivision is no exception.

The chart above shows the number of home sales, from January 1st of a year, to May 25th of that year, just for the Alpine Breckenridge subdivision (6 miles south of downtown Breckenridge).

  • 2006 was the peak year for number of transactions (year to date)
  • 2009 is the lowest year for number of transactions
  • The number of properties sold to date in 2011 is up 100% vs this date in 2010! It went from just one in 2010 to two so far in 2011
  • Compare the above chart, to the year-end chart of sales for Alpine Breckenridge

As of 5/25/11, there are 6 homes for sale in Alpine Breck (plus one home under contract). Two homes have sold in the past 12 months, meaning we have a 3 year supply in our subdivision at the current rate of sales.

In comparison, in all of Breckenridge there is a 17 month supply of homes at present.

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