Summit County Real Estate

Market Statistics

Here are some interesting numbers to look at. I thought I would write about the condos and townhomes today. (Remember this is for all of Summit County.) Many of the sales are new construction in Silverthorne. As you can see the sold listings are down, I believe it is because of the low inventory and the  average days on market are down, again I believe this is because the demand is higher than we have seen in a while. The new listings, well again, demand is higher than the supply. It’s the same story. The median price is up +20%. Great for Sellers! So pretty much the same as I have been saying for 2022. I will keep you posted. Roger and Teresa Moen are still here for you (we are working on our 26th year!) so if you ever have any questions about the real estate market and sales in Breckenridge or any and all of Summit County just give us a call.

We Can Help with your Real Estate Needs

If you are looking for a realtor near you, look no further as Roger and Teresa Moen serve all of Summit County with Breckenridge as our speciality but since the inventory is low right now, all the action seems to be in Silverthorne as the building just keeps on happening, and selling out I might add. So if that is a possibility for you let us know and we can let you know of new projects.

So not only do we, Roger and Teresa Moen serve Summit County but also Chaffee County. This is Salida, Poncha Springs, Buena Vista and Nathrop. Because the inventory is low and the prices are high many of our clients are considering Chaffee County since it is
• slightly lower elevation
• Monarch Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort is not far
• the prices are about half of Breckenridge real estate prices
Also people in Chaffee County really value their land so many times you can also have more acreage around you. Just a thought I would put that out there, so you know that your favorite local realtor can also help in other places.

5 Upgrades to Up Your Sale Price

Sell A Home In Summit County

Thoughtful upgrades to your property can deliver a big return on investment when you’re ready to sell your home. Whether you have the time and budget for a major renovation or are looking for quick DIY improvements, consider these tips from our real estate experts.
According to HGTV, out of each dollar that you spend on renovations, 75 to 80 cents go directly back into your home through the increased value.

Curb Appeal Is Real

While the growing season in Summit County is short, beautiful landscaping can create a wow factor year-round. A quick consultation with local vendors can yield ideas for an evergreen yard design. A fresh coat of paint on the door, trim or shutters and mountain-inspired details can set the tone for the interior design and make the right first impression on potential buyers.

Kitchens Really Do Sell Houses

Realtors, appraisers and buyers agree – upgrades to the kitchen are the number one opportunity to increase the value of your home. Choose how high-end and high-design you want to go with cabinetry, appliances, backsplash, flooring and fixtures and don’t be afraid to take risks to create a unique mountain retreat. The average return on investment on a kitchen remodel is almost 70%, so well worth your attention.

Make the Bathrooms Shine

Like the kitchen, upgrades in bathrooms are high-impact and will catch the eye of the potential buyers. A brand-new, spa-like master bath will stand out, but less expensive improvements will also increase the sale price. New faucets and lighting are relatively inexpensive and will make even the smallest space shine. If you do have the budget to renovate, the average cost of remodeling a bathroom is $5,000 to $8,000 and you will make your money back here.

Create Space

Sell Your Home in Breckenridge

Knocking out a wall to create an open floor plan can change the feel of a house, especially if your home is small. Removing dark window treatments or installing new windows can also make your home feel bigger without adding real estate. Consider expanding the livable space in your home with improvements outside too – a fire pit or paved patio with room for seating can catch the attention of buyers who like to entertain.

Go Green

New energy-efficient features can save money on utilities – in the range of 30 to 40% – and increase the value of your home. Insulation, appliances, heating and cooling systems, windows and solar panels are the most common upgrades to help make your home attractive to buyers who are aware of the benefits of energy-efficient homes. Start with an energy audit and make sure your realtor knows about the improvements to make the most of your investment.