selling a home

Design Trends to Avoid

selling a home

Decorating your house can be a daunting task. And when you factor in potential buyers, the task of creating a look that is timeless, practical and appealing becomes even more important. If you are renovating or redecorating and considering selling your home in Breckenridge at some point in the future, it’s important to consider what design trends will not be appealing for new buyers. Here’s a few design trends that we think should be avoided.

The All White Kitchen

The “all white kitchen” trend has been popular for a while. It looks fantastic when it is new, as it is pristine and sparkling. Nonetheless, home buyers are realizing that an all white kitchen in impractical and impossible to keep clean. The “all white” is very unforgiving, even those facetious about keeping a clean kitchen.

Secondly, while this trend is popular in the city, a white kitchen has never done well in the mountains. Mountain home buyers tend to prefer more warmth in their home furnishings.

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Chevron, Patterned Walls and Wallpaper

You’ve seen it. The chevron pattern has been all the rage as of late. The repeating pattern is visually soothing yet interesting. Nonetheless, you’ll want to avoid distinct patterns such as this, as they tend to blow in and blow out quick. A bold pattern such as chevron can be a quick way to date a house. (Think avocado green appliances.) When you decide to sell your house, this pattern may be out of style, instantly stamping a date on your renovation.

Along the same lines, we suggest avoiding bold paint colors, patterns or wallpaper. Bold design decisions are very personal, and in turn, divisive. Many potential home buyers struggle to see past their own style preferences and may be turned off. More neutral colors, and timeless patterns are a wiser choice.


There’s no debate: carpet is cheap, practical and easy to replace. It’s a good choice in rental homes, as it wears better and is cheaper to replace if damaged. Unfortunately, it is also perceived as trapping dirt and germs by new home buyers. Hardwood floors, on the contrary, are perceived as cleaner, new and fresh.

Repurposed Space

Converted garages, home offices, pet rooms are all common ways to make a home your own. Unfortunately, a potential buyer may not have the same needs as you and repurposed space can mean more work for a potential buyer. Use rooms as they were intended, whether a bedroom or a garage and allow buyers to modify to suit their own needs. Buyers are much more willing to repurpose a space themselves, instead of converting a space back to its intended purpose.

If selling your home is in the near future, we also suggest starting the process of engaging a realtor in Breckenridge to advise you. With over 20 years experience as realtors in Summit County, the Moen Team can help you make the necessary decisions to get the best price for your house. Give us a call today to discuss selling your home.