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What’s the Best Time of Year to Invest in Breckenridge?

When buyers come to Breckenridge and fall in love with this enchanting mountain village, they often ask, “what’s the best time of year to make a purchase?”

The following charts show the seasons of our market – the ebb and flow of supply and demand. (For best results view on your computer; if viewing on a smart phone, rotate 90 degrees to “landscape” position.)

Active Listings

The chart above shows the number of active residential listings in Breckenridge by month (homes, condos, townhomes, duplexes, and vacant land). If you view this chart on a computer (not a phone), use your mouse to hover over each data point to see more information.

The past seasonal peaks for the number of listings have been Sept 2019, July 2020, Sept 2021, Aug/Sept 2022, and Aug/Sept 2023.

So, when looking for properties, you’ll have the most to choose from in mid-summer to mid-fall.

Sold Listings

The chart above shows the number of sold residential listings in Breckenridge by month.

Note that the peak number of sales typically occurs in October. You can verify this by hovering your mouse over the data points. A typical seasonal dynamic is:

  • Buyers start looking in spring / early summer, hoping to get a low price and a good deal
  • Sellers list in spring / early summer, listing with a high price and hoping to get top dollar
  • As the summer progresses into early fall, both buyers and sellers become more motivated and realistic, and meet somewhere in the middle. Transactions go under contract in August and September, and close in October, in time for the upcoming ski season!

Key point: these are live charts – check back a few days after the first of each month, and the data updates each month

Short Term Rental Update

Short Term Rental issues are affecting buyers and sellers in Breckenridge. This letter is the latest from our board of realtors in Summit County. Many people have questions and I have promised updates as they come in, so here is the latest. As realtors in Summit County, we are active in trying to change this new imposition as it applies to investment-minded buyers and the sellers that are having their properties remain on the market a bit longer than the last couple of years. If you were considering making a purchase in Breckenridge this could play in your favor, in the initial purchase price, if you are willing to wait for the short term rental issues to be resolved and become less fluid than they are now. I think it looks promising that the west side of Main Street (referenced in this letter as the Resort Overlay Zone), as they are some of the best real estate investments for ski in ski out rentals, may be exempt from the permit waiting list. Fingers crossed. More to come.

You may download and read the letter from the Board of County Commissioners here:

6.15.22 SAR Letter from the BOCC [pdf]