sell your home in Breckenridge

5 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Home

sell your home in breckenridge

Preparing your home for sale can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve lived in the house for a long time or need to sell your home quickly. Before you put your home on the market, consider these five tips to get your house – and yourself – ready for the big move.

1. Clean All the Things

A sparkling home is welcoming and attractive to buyers, and also says that your house has been well taken care of over time. Deep cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms and carpets; polishing and conditioning woodwork and cabinetry; and clearing out cabinets, closets and the garage will pay off when it’s time to sell your home. Don’t shy away from hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting here. Real estate agents like Roger and Teresa Moen can recommend the best local services and contractors to help!

2. Lighten & Brighten

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, or ceilings, can make a big difference, but are not your only options to lighten and brighten up a space. Cleaning all the windows– inside and out – and light fixtures can make your home shine. Removing heavy window treatments can add light and make rooms feel bigger. New energy-efficient light bulbs may make your home look brighter and be attractive to energy conscious buyers.

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3. Set the Stage

Take a step back and consider how the available space in your home can be best presented to potential buyers. Can a corner you currently use to store winter gear be repurposed with a desk and chair to suggest a home office? Can packing up the playroom and setting up a bed and nightstands hit the mark with people looking for an extra bedroom? While personal items in your house like family photos and knick knacks help make it your home, they may also detract from how potential buyers can visualize themselves in the house. If necessary, move some of your belongings into a storage unit.

4. Virtual Curb Appeal

Before potential buyers even pull up to your home, they’ll likely check out the property online. Great photos and videos can make a big difference in attracting the right buyers. Don’t forget traditional opportunities for making a good first impression though – trim shrubs and bushes in the front yard and consider painting or replacing your front door for maximum curb appeal.

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5. Let It Go

Take advantage of your upcoming move to discard items that you don’t want or need anymore. For pro tips on tidying up and letting go of things that don’t bring you joy, check out organizational guru Marie Kondo’s books and new Netflix series.

Before you sell your home in Breckenridge, ask experienced real estate agents like Roger and Teresa Moen for advice on what you can do to increase the value of your home and make the selling process as easy as possible. For additional tips and ideas from ReMax, check out this list of 10 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Home.