how’s the market

How is the market in Summit County you ask?

Here are the reports comparing November of 2022 with November of 2023. For condos and townhomes in Summit County.

The number of Sold listings has dropped and the amount of time it takes to sell a property has risen which suggests the market is moving in favor of the Buyers based on just this one month of data. Contact us for a more complete analysis.

Scroll down for data for single family homes in this time period.

The chart below shows single family homes also comparing November 2022 to November 2023. The single family home market is slowing more than the condo/townhome market. This could possibly be because there are more condos/townhomes to choose from and typically the prices for single family homes are in a higher price point.

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How’s The Market?

Here’s some information about the real estate market in Breckenridge, Colorado

The above chart shows Breckenridge single family home prices (in blue), for January – October, for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023. It also shows similar information for condos in Breckenridge.

  • Blue is for single family homes in Breckenridge, and home prices have cooled a little – down 3.5% since last year
  • Orange is for condos in Breckenridge, and condo prices are continuing to rise