Author: Teresa Moen


Let’s get ready to buy homes in Breckenridge this summer

Buy Homes in BreckenridgeSo we are getting close to the slopes closing and the spring break folks are heading home. It was a great ski season with lots of happy skiers also some happy new home owners that bought their dream mountain home in Breckenridge. You have heard me talk about the lack of inventory we have experienced this year and it looks like that is slowly changing. Most of my owners rent out their Breckenridge ski in ski out property or their log cabins for the ski season. They like the income they are making this time of year. So, as things wind down there are more properties starting to come on the market.

Also, if you are considering purchasing an investment property in Breck or just a family home in the mountains it is a much easier time to get in to the properties themselves because they are not booked up with renters. When you are here to ski you want to play so now you can come and see us, relax, have some coffee and we can go out and look at some of your dream homes.


The Truth About the Breckenridge Real Estate Market in 2016

Breck Real Estate Market 2016

Breckenridge real estate is on fire in certain segments!

What a crazy year so far! We are now at a 9 year low on inventory in Summit County? Seriously! For the first time in almost 20 years as a realtor in Summit, I have been in bidding wars on the last two deals I have done. One home I listed and received over 15 calls from agents to show it! We ended up selling it in 48 hours at $10,000 over the asking price. This was a home that needed fixing up. The next home, $25,000 over asking price. It is a lovely home and needs nothing and was beautiful. Sounds like Denver right?

It is crazy, however, this is only happening if the property is priced right and in demand like a fixer upper or a lovely home where the seller prepared it to sell and priced it right. I know it is confusing. There are some listings that have been on the market for over a year or more. Those are the sellers that are trying to ride the market meaning they are waiting for the market to meet what they want for their property and it is perhaps overpriced or dated and just doesn’t show well.

Most  importantly whether you are buying or selling a home make sure you use an agent that understands the Breckenridge real estate market and does not make blanket statements such as “oh the market is great right now!” Ask questions!! Find out what is going on in that segment of the market that you are interested in whether it is investment property in Breckenridge that you want to rent out in town, ski in ski out, or a cabin in the woods for the family.

In the meantime, the snow is great right now! Come and see us!


Buyers need representation!

We like to work with our clients as their representative. We want to feel that we are in your corner. A Buyer’s agent is important whether your buying an investment property or a second home in Breckenridge. Many realtors don’t want the responsibility or liability of being a Buyer’s Agent. That is not the case with us. So let me give you a brief explanation of the difference and your options.


 Buyer’s Agent: A buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer to promote the interests of the buyer with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of and acts as an advocate for the buyer. The buyer’s agent must disclose to potential sellers all adverse material facts actually known by the buyer’s agent including the buyer’s financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction and, if a residential property, whether the buyer intends to occupy the property. A separate written buyer agency agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the broker and the buyer.
       Transaction-Broker: A transaction-broker assists the buyer or seller or both throughout a real estate transaction by performing terms of any written or oral agreement, fully informing the parties, presenting all offers and assisting the parties with any contracts, including the closing of the transaction without being an agent or advocate for any of the parties. A transaction-broker must use reasonable skill and care in the performance of any oral or written agreement, and must make the same disclosures as agents about all adverse material facts actually known by the transaction-broker concerning a property or a buyer’s financial ability to perform the terms of a transaction and, if a residential property, whether the buyer intends to occupy the property. No written agreement is required.