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Sellers prepare to sell!

Now we enter in to the time of year when spring break is over, the skiers have gone home, and town is quiet. All the home owners have received their revenue from the winter season or have finished up a winter with their families. We have been telling you that our inventory is low and now we are seeing new listings come on the market everyday. If you are getting ready to list your home, it is a good idea to talk with your realtor, Roger and Teresa Moen (of course) prior to that time. We can give you knowledgable tips on how to prepare your home to sell. Sometimes it is a matter of a paint color, the staging of furniture or removing some personal items. It doesn’t always need to be costly. These things sound small but some people have vision for their own colors and furniture and others do not. I remember when my mom sold her home she felt that the wood paneling was a huge selling feature but she didn’t realize that in the 70’s it was. She was unaware of what a buyer was looking for today.
Another good idea is to have a home inspector come to your home and he will write up a report on what needs repairing. Many times sellers are unaware. This helps you in two ways. You will not be blindsided by some major repair such as a roof issue for example and you have the option to remedy whatever your home needs. This also shows the potential buyers that you were a responsible homeowner and they feel more comfortable in their purchase. It also helps you, the seller to substantiate your asking price.
So, I have more, call me let’s talk!!

What’s happening with the Breckenridge condo market?

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 12.14.36 PM

Condo sales in Breckenridge have slowed down in 2016. The reason for this is a low inventory. The demand is still high.This is the lowest the inventory has been since 1998 and that is the farthest back I can go with my available data. So what we do have listed is selling in a matter of days if it is priced right. This graph shows that even though the number of sales are down, if you want to purchase an investment property, Breckenridge has the lion’s share of the county market. This is also why investors purchase in Breckenridge.

Planning a trip to look at Breckenridge Property

If you are planning a trip to Breckenridge and it is during the ski season here are a couple of helpful hints:

Do not get on 1-70 heading down to Denver on a Sunday afternoon. The skier traffic will make your trip much longer.

If you are planing on looking at property, particularly condos in town, many of these will be rented for peak ski season. On Mondays or Tuesdays, you have a better chance of that property being vacant. Many times I have to squeeze in between a check out and a check in.

Have the listings you want to see (that I have sent you) in advance so that we don’t waste your time looking at properties that don’t meet your specific criteria. That way you can make the best and highest use of your time here. More ski time for you!

Keep in mind that once you have decided to make an offer on a property you do not have to come back again if you choose not to. Everything can be done on line and or Fed Ex. I will do all the leg work for you. This makes it so much easier on people that do not live in state.

Hope this helps.


Happy New Year! This is what’s happening in Breckenridge

We had a great year and so appreciate everybody that contacted us. We just broke our personal 20 year record!! Yahoo! 2017 is going to be awesome.

Here is what is going on with the market.  The final numbers are not in yet, but I did do a quick check to see where the market is as of today for last year. The average sold price for residential sales and if that holds the increase in 2016 is just over 7%. Oh, and the average sold price for residential sales (homes, townhomes, condos, duplexes) is right at $595,000! The list price to sold price is  at an average of 97.4% with a high of 106% so not much wiggle room.

If history repeats itself there will be more inventory in the spring but as you can see they go quickly. My listings in 2016 were selling before I could get them in the MLS.

Roger and I wish you and your families as great New Year of health and happiness!

Winter is coming to Breckenridge!

The leaves have changed and the streets are quiet. Everyone is getting ready for the ski season. Last year every room and condo in Breckenridge was booked especially for the holidays so plan way ahead for your vacation. If you have any questions while you are here we are happy to help. The website is great to see what activities are going on. We know the good restaurants, ski rentals etc. We of course would love to speak with you about buying your condo or mountain cabin in Breckenridge whether it is slope side or more rural. Many times people are with their families for the holidays and will meet with us and then come back when there is more availability to look at property when everything isn’t rented. If you are considering selling your property in the spring, many times there are more contractors available in the winter so you can get on their schedule. Plus it makes selling more easy if your home is prepared and less stressful for you. We have some wonderful people if you need any help with that. We are happy to come and give you ideas on what will help your house sell and make sure you are doing the right upgrades that will get you a good return on that investment.

Why the Rapid Growth of Summit County is Good For Us Locals

Best time to buy in Summit County COSummit County real estate is booming. Really booming.

In the beginning of this year, it was predicted that Summit County would receive and approve the same amount of building permits as they did in 2015. This prediction has already been proven inaccurate. In fact, the county has received many more permits this year.

Last April, the town of Silverthorne approved 25 new residential development permits—a huge jump from only six permits in April 2015!

People from all over the USA are coming to Summit County in droves. Some of them plan to live here all year round. Some are second homeowners. A few are real estate investors. Whatever their reason for being in Summit County, they’re buying homes in Summit County left and right.

Buy Homes in Silverthorne COIn order to keep up with the demand for housing and real estate in Summit County, developers are snapping up land all over the area, mostly in the northern part of Silverthorne, and putting into motion new residential development projects faster than you can say, “Welcome to Summit County.”

Many of us Summit County locals aren’t happy with the construction boom in the area. Who could blame us? Construction vehicles and large pieces of construction equipment are everywhere. The roads have gotten a bit more crowded. Public places have gotten a little noisier. Summit County is changing, and we hear you loud and clear.

However, what if we told you that the rapid growth of Summit County is actually a great thing, especially for us locals?

It really is! Just hear us out.

With more people coming here, Summit County is making a lot of money in sales tax and excise taxes. To avoid getting bogged down in the details and numbers, let’s take a look at Silverthorne in particular:

  • According to Summit County’s 2016 budget report, the county’s sales tax revenue was predicted to increase by 2% this year. However, by April, Silverthorne had already exceeded that goal. Its year-to-date sales taxes had risen by 2%. From January 2016 through April 2016, the town of Silverthorne alone brought in $3.16 million.
  • Silverthorne is making a killing on its excise-tax collections. It went up 440.7% compared to April 2015 and 259% year-to-date compared to the previous year.

Buy Houses in Silverthorne CO

So what does this mean for us?

Better roads, nicer public facilities, cleaner parks, improved bike trails, and increased maintenance for other departmental services provided by the county.

Two percent of all sales taxes across Summit County go toward these programs and services. In addition to that, up to 2.5% of the sales taxes go to their respective towns. The percentage depends on the town. For example, Silverthorne takes 2%.

Just when we’re starting to think that Summit County couldn’t get any nicer, an opportunity arises for it to do so. Do you have any ideas on how Summit County should spend its newfound money? Let us know!

May is “mud month” in Breckenridge – best time to buy property!

Buy this mud season

OK so that sounds strange right? We are in between seasons right now. The skiers have gone home and the summer tourist are not here yet. This means it is easy to get in to see properties because most of them are not rented. You are also getting in before the prices go up in summer as they do every eyar. Typically the owners of these new listings are planning on these summer prices and price their homes and condos accordingly.

Also, don’t forget Breckenridge has wonderful activities to offer in the summer. We are not just a winter destination anymore. Go to and find out all the fun things to do and plan your summer vacation. Of course while you are in Breckenridge stop by and say hi and have some coffee with us and we can talk about the Breckenridge market and investments you might be considering.

The Home and Condo Sales Market in April 2016

Check out the below stats about real estate home and condo sales prices in April 2016.

Condo Sales in Summit County Colorado

Condo Sales in Summit County Colorado

Home Sales in Summit County Colorado

Home Sales in Summit County Colorado

Let’s get ready to buy homes in Breckenridge this summer

Buy Homes in BreckenridgeSo we are getting close to the slopes closing and the spring break folks are heading home. It was a great ski season with lots of happy skiers also some happy new home owners that bought their dream mountain home in Breckenridge. You have heard me talk about the lack of inventory we have experienced this year and it looks like that is slowly changing. Most of my owners rent out their Breckenridge ski in ski out property or their log cabins for the ski season. They like the income they are making this time of year. So, as things wind down there are more properties starting to come on the market.

Also, if you are considering purchasing an investment property in Breck or just a family home in the mountains it is a much easier time to get in to the properties themselves because they are not booked up with renters. When you are here to ski you want to play so now you can come and see us, relax, have some coffee and we can go out and look at some of your dream homes.

The Truth About the Breckenridge Real Estate Market in 2016

Breck Real Estate Market 2016

Breckenridge real estate is on fire in certain segments!

What a crazy year so far! We are now at a 9 year low on inventory in Summit County? Seriously! For the first time in almost 20 years as a realtor in Summit, I have been in bidding wars on the last two deals I have done. One home I listed and received over 15 calls from agents to show it! We ended up selling it in 48 hours at $10,000 over the asking price. This was a home that needed fixing up. The next home, $25,000 over asking price. It is a lovely home and needs nothing and was beautiful. Sounds like Denver right?

It is crazy, however, this is only happening if the property is priced right and in demand like a fixer upper or a lovely home where the seller prepared it to sell and priced it right. I know it is confusing. There are some listings that have been on the market for over a year or more. Those are the sellers that are trying to ride the market meaning they are waiting for the market to meet what they want for their property and it is perhaps overpriced or dated and just doesn’t show well.

Most  importantly whether you are buying or selling a home make sure you use an agent that understands the Breckenridge real estate market and does not make blanket statements such as “oh the market is great right now!” Ask questions!! Find out what is going on in that segment of the market that you are interested in whether it is investment property in Breckenridge that you want to rent out in town, ski in ski out, or a cabin in the woods for the family.

In the meantime, the snow is great right now! Come and see us!