Blue River is located 3 miles south of Breckenridge. With a population of less than a 900, this rural community offers the tranquility and peace of the mountains with easy access to the ski resort.

Following Highway 9 you will see towering peaks to your right and the glistening Goose Pasture Tarn to your left. You may even get to see Blue River’s resident moose grabbing a bit to eat in the Tarn! Home owners have private fishing and canoeing rights to the Tarn as well as some of Breck’s best hiking trails at their doorstop! One of our favorites, Mohawk Lakes is renown for its summer wildflowers and waterfalls.

This rustic mountain community is mostly comprised of families with a median household income of $61,964. Residents have access to the Breckenridge school system. With a population density of 314 per square mile, you are more likely to be visiting with the wildlife and communing with nature than running into neighbors.

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