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Happy New Year! This is what’s happening in Breckenridge

We had a great year and so appreciate everybody that contacted us. We just broke our personal 20 year record!! Yahoo! 2017 is going to be awesome.

Here is what is going on with the market.  The final numbers are not in yet, but I did do a quick check to see where the market is as of today for last year. The average sold price for residential sales and if that holds the increase in 2016 is just over 7%. Oh, and the average sold price for residential sales (homes, townhomes, condos, duplexes) is right at $595,000! The list price to sold price is  at an average of 97.4% with a high of 106% so not much wiggle room.

If history repeats itself there will be more inventory in the spring but as you can see they go quickly. My listings in 2016 were selling before I could get them in the MLS.

Roger and I wish you and your families as great New Year of health and happiness!

Let’s get ready to buy homes in Breckenridge this summer

Buy Homes in BreckenridgeSo we are getting close to the slopes closing and the spring break folks are heading home. It was a great ski season with lots of happy skiers also some happy new home owners that bought their dream mountain home in Breckenridge. You have heard me talk about the lack of inventory we have experienced this year and it looks like that is slowly changing. Most of my owners rent out their Breckenridge ski in ski out property or their log cabins for the ski season. They like the income they are making this time of year. So, as things wind down there are more properties starting to come on the market.

Also, if you are considering purchasing an investment property in Breck or just a family home in the mountains it is a much easier time to get in to the properties themselves because they are not booked up with renters. When you are here to ski you want to play so now you can come and see us, relax, have some coffee and we can go out and look at some of your dream homes.

Here is how the 2015 summer is shaping up!

In a nutshell, prices are up in Breckenridge about 10%!! Yahoo! We are coming back. The number of sales are up 7%. The most exciting news of them all is the fact that we are up on under contracts by 40%!!! Under contracts means that the Buyer and Seller have agreed on price and terms but it has not closed yet. This is really good news. On the down side the properties that are the right price and fixed up to sell are flying off the shelves. It promises to be a great summer.

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Now is a great time to be trading up on your mountain home!

As we enter in to the new year the appreciation has been minimal here in Breckenridge. Also the sales were up only 5%. We are recovering but it is slow so if you were thinking about trading up for a larger condo or house closer to town etc this could be a great time. We did just that and bought a larger condo for almost the same price as we sold one for as we had built up equity. With interest rates still low and prices still low if you choose it right it could be a great way to get that property you really want. Some segments are increasing at different rates or different times of the year. For example studios are selling hotter right now than one or two bedrooms for example. Real estate is always about timing. Let us know if we can help.

Holidays in Breckenridge!!


Happy holidays everybody. I am often asked what goes on in the real estate market during the holidays and if I still sell a lot of mountain homes and investment condos etc. The answer is yes!

It is a really good idea if you are thinking of coming to visit and looking at homes to plan ahead. Many of the condos and homes that may be for sale and are on the market can be rented. This is our busiest season. Getting in to see properties is easier during the week also. If you do buy an investment condo or home many times the properties are on rental contracts so the purchase comes with those rentals in place and legally have to “survive the closing”. Good news for you as a buyer is that the rental money goes to you as of the closing date. It is a great way to pick up extra money to help finance your new vacation or second home. Call me to discuss more in the mean time be safe and enjoy all this great snow!

Have to brag at bit! We are the ones to help you buy your Mountain Home!

 Remax Properties  is ahead of last year at this time for the number of properties under contract by 30% with the county being up about 18% (this means the sales done in Summit County by all of Summit County Realtors). Congrats to us on “Out Pacing” the market! Roger and I have already had a great first and second quarter. This is exciting news everybody. We are in recovery so the loan rates are low and it is not too late to get in on these prices before they start going up again and they will. They always do! So buy low sell high. Not rocket science. Come live the dream with us in the best place in the world to own a second home or a ski in ski out property! Seriously it is the best place on earth. Hope you all have a Happy 4th! Come and see us!

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