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We’re Baaaack!! Breckenridge is booming!

Breckenridge real estate demand is highOn a personal note, this is the biggest year we have had since 2006. The real estate inventory is low and the properties are being scooped up as fast as they are hitting the market. My guess? Perhaps there was a pent up demand? This is also in keeping with our history with Denver’s market, as you have heard me say in the past. We are usually about a year or two behind their activity. People will secure their primary residence first and then their Breckenridge vacation home.

Denver’s market is going crazy with 8 or 9 offers on a single property, bidding wars and low inventory. Sellers here in Breckenridge are starting to realize that the market is becoming more balanced, and they are seeing their properties get a lot of showings. They are starting to raise their prices this spring. This is only April!! Typically we would not see this kind of activity until the summer.

This is an exciting time for our town. If you are considering purchasing a second home or investment property in Breckenridge at least you know what you are getting in to.

Pending Resort Sales Up, Up, Up, Up!

Pending Residential sales are up countywide a whopping +38%! What a huge ending to the first quarter and a great setup for potential improvement in the second quarter of 2015. Sales for the first quarter are up +7%. Pending sales are up BIG and sales are up a bit all while the current inventory of residential properties for Summit County is down -21%.

Check out the sales by price range to the right and notice the driving improvement can be found in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 sold price range with the second best improvement occurring in the over $1,000,000 sales. The improvement isn’t across the board as is evident when one breaks the sales down by each side of the county; such as the North & South Side Sales to the right.

See full article.

Wow! What a market in Breckenridge

We showed property this weekend. Three of the 5 properties we showed are under contract. Unfortunately this Buyer lost out! We are back!!! This tells us that if you are a buyer in Breckenridge looking for a second vacation home or an investment property you need to act swiftly. This has not always been the case but it is now. Also,for vacation rentals in Breckenridge, the entire town of Breckenridge is still booked. We are breaking all kinds of records. June is when we start getting more inventory and summer we do 70% of our business for the year! Things are looking good! Call us to talk about how to make your dreams of owning a mountain home come true.

Low supply in Breckenridge but big demand!

Low supply in housing market in BreckenridgeWell we have had a bang up year so far and it is only March 6th! The demand is huge right now for a mountain home or investment property in Breckenridge but the supply is limited. When a property does come on the market it is getting sold pretty quickly if priced correctly. We are not having bidding wars like Denver but the buyers are here for sure. What also fuels this surge is the continuing low interest rates. If you are considering buying a property in Breckenridge you will have about 35% more listings to choose from sometime around June and July. 70% of my business is done in the summer months. So give me a call to plan your visit. I will be here!

How’s the “Luxury” market in Breckenridge?

So what about the luxury sales market in Breckenridge you ask? 2014’s closing numbers show a 7.6% increase from 2013. The average price went up ads well and is around 1.6M, 6.2% increase from the previous year!

Check out this video to learn more.

The importance of home staging for selling your Breckenridge Home


Most homeowners know when selling a home, it is important to keep a home clean, bright and free from clutter. But these days when trying to sell your mountain home or condo, taking the extra step by home staging can make a difference in how a buyer values it and the price a seller might get for it.

“Realtors know how important it is to have a home in the best shape possible when showing it to prospective buyers. “At a minimum, homeowners should conduct a thorough cleaning, haul out clutter, make sure the home is well-lit and fix any major aesthetic issues. Another option is staging a home, which Realtors often suggest to sellers to help prospective buyers better visualize themselves in the home and could modestly increase the home’s value for both the buyer and seller.

staging-your-breck-home-to-sellOne report found that 49 percent of surveyed Realtors who work with buyers believe home staging usually has an effect on the buyer’s view of the home. Another 47 percent believe that staging only sometimes has an impact on a buyer’s view of the home only.
Realtors on the buyer side believe that staging makes an impact in several ways; 81 percent said staging helps buyers visualize the property as a future home, while 46 percent said it makes prospective buyers more willing to walk through a home they saw online. Forty-five percent said a home decorated to a buyer’s tastes positively impacts its value.

home-staging-breckenridge-real-estateRealtors representing both the buyer and seller agreed on two major points in the report—which rooms should be staged and the change in dollar value a buyer is willing to offer for a staged home compared to a similar not-staged home. Realtors ranked the living room as the number one room to stage, followed by the kitchen. Rounding out the top five rooms were the master bedroom, dining room and the bathroom.
“Working with a realtor gives buyers, sellers and investors the advantage they need to succeed in today’s market, as they know what buyers want and how to best market and stage a home for sale while many factors play into what a home is worth and what buyers are willing to pay for it, staging is an excellent tool that can be used to give a home a little extra push for sellers.

By Teresa Moen

Now is a great time to be trading up on your mountain home!

As we enter in to the new year the appreciation has been minimal here in Breckenridge. Also the sales were up only 5%. We are recovering but it is slow so if you were thinking about trading up for a larger condo or house closer to town etc this could be a great time. We did just that and bought a larger condo for almost the same price as we sold one for as we had built up equity. With interest rates still low and prices still low if you choose it right it could be a great way to get that property you really want. Some segments are increasing at different rates or different times of the year. For example studios are selling hotter right now than one or two bedrooms for example. Real estate is always about timing. Let us know if we can help.

Christmas in Breckenridge

Happy New Year! A great year in Breckenridge!

Hello Everybody, Roger and I just wanted to thank you for all your business in 2014. We sold the most real estate (our personal best) ever in 18 years!! Thanks to all of you that bought your mountain home from us. We so appreciate it! It looks as though we are continuing to recover and the market is still showing signs of steady growth. It is not too late to get in on some nice second home properties and we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. Thanks again and may your New Year be in the mountains where it is perfect everyday!

Holidays in Breckenridge!!


Happy holidays everybody. I am often asked what goes on in the real estate market during the holidays and if I still sell a lot of mountain homes and investment condos etc. The answer is yes!

It is a really good idea if you are thinking of coming to visit and looking at homes to plan ahead. Many of the condos and homes that may be for sale and are on the market can be rented. This is our busiest season. Getting in to see properties is easier during the week also. If you do buy an investment condo or home many times the properties are on rental contracts so the purchase comes with those rentals in place and legally have to “survive the closing”. Good news for you as a buyer is that the rental money goes to you as of the closing date. It is a great way to pick up extra money to help finance your new vacation or second home. Call me to discuss more in the mean time be safe and enjoy all this great snow!